IUI Attempt #2

And so we begin again! After the first failed IUI in September, we decided we would try one more cycle and then wait until January to try the next one if it didn’t work. October 2019 was going to hopefully be our lucky month! The feelings going into this cycle were a little different this … Continue reading IUI Attempt #2

First IUI Attempt

September 2019. It was finally time for our first IUI attempt! We went in for our 11 day ultrasound to check and see how many follicles I had that were ready to go! This cycle we were able to get two healthy follicles that were large enough to be able to attempt our first IUI. … Continue reading First IUI Attempt

Let’s make a baby!

My body has always been a bit of a struggle bus when it comes to health since my teen years. I have never been the epitome of a healthy person. Something has always been breaking or stopped functioning properly since I was a kid, but it just kind of became who I am. I’ve never … Continue reading Let’s make a baby!

How did we pick our donor?

Picking out a sperm donor is a lot like online dating, only, rather than focusing on their hobbies and interests, you’re looking at their medical information and family background. It’s the one time in your life that it is okay to be extremely judgmental, because after all, if you are paying a lot of money … Continue reading How did we pick our donor?

Where do we begin?

We always knew that we wanted to start a family. We would always talk about where we want to raise our babies, what dream vacations we would take them on, and even bought baby Buzz Lightyear vans many years prior to actually starting our family. In the very beginning of our relationship, it was always … Continue reading Where do we begin?

A little back story

Hi there! We’re the Stanley’s! I’m Katie and my wife’s name is Lauren. We have been together for 11 years now, and met when we were just wild teenagers. We wanted to share a little back story of our relationship before we jump into the process of how we made our family! We met fifteen … Continue reading A little back story

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