IUI Attempt #2

And so we begin again! After the first failed IUI in September, we decided we would try one more cycle and then wait until January to try the next one if it didn’t work. October 2019 was going to hopefully be our lucky month! The feelings going into this cycle were a little different this time. We were more guarded with our feelings, a bit more jaded than before. The pressure was on to do everything we could to make this one work.

Similarly, to the first IUI, I took provera again to get my body to start a cycle, and on day 3, I started 5mg of Letrozole. We didn’t up the doseage, since we had a good cycle in September, and didn’t want to increase the number of follicles too drastically. Knowing that I ovulate on day 11, we scheduled the ultrasound and anxiously awaited the results. During the visit, we had THREE (!!!) healthy, large follicles! They were 18mm, 20mm and 23mm! We had never seen a more perfect trio of follicles and that hopeful feeling started slowly creeping up again! 

The doctor was happy with the results of the ultrasound and we scheduled the trigger shot and IUI for the next day! Typically, we scheduled all of our appointments for early in the morning, but due to work schedules around this particular cycle, the day 11 ultrasounds was in the middle of the day, around 130pm. This information should seem completely useless, but when we left the appointment at 2:05pm, I immediately called the sperm bank, only to be told that we missed the overnight deadline by FIVE MINUTES!! Somehow, both Lauren and I hadn’t seen the small print on the Cryobank website that explains that you have to place your order by 2pm. We left the appointment on such an extreme high, having the best result in an ultrasound yet, to immediate freak out mode when they told us we wouldn’t get the sperm for two days! We had always been told that the ideal fertilization window was 28-32 hours post trigger shot, and knowing we wouldn’t get it until at least the 40 hour mark was a hard pill to swallow. It felt like we had the perfect follicle waiting for us, but the cards weren’t falling in our direction.  After a good meltdown session, and realizing there was nothing we could do, we accepted our fate and waited until it was 40 hours post trigger shot to complete the IUI. 

Going in for the IUI, I was already preparing for the fact it wasn’t going to work. It had been too many hours in between, and I figured I already missed the window of time, but since we already ordered the sperm, we went through with the IUI. Lauren on the other hand was extremely positive, and had read online that sometimes the longer you waited, the better the result. Leave it to her to find the bright side! We got into the room, and this time when we looked at our sperm, it looked different…better! These little things were MOVING this time! I mean, wild! They were moving in every direction, super quick and efficient! I got a smidge more hopeful. 

We completed the IUI, and again, it was completely painless. This time, I laid there a little longer, 15 minutes, and then we both went back to work! The wait was on for the next 14 days!

I took it super easy the next few days after the appointment, and we decided to go on a little coastal getaway to try and keep our minds and my body relaxed. You try not to think about it 24/7 when you have the IUI done, but every single flitch or feeling you get, you wonder if it happened. You wonder if its PMS or are you pregnant? You think about every single thing you eat, how much caffeine you’re consuming, and how much you’re moving.

We did not cheat the system this time. We didn’t take an early test, regardless of how tempting it was, because we didn’t want to get our hopes up. But this time, it felt different. I felt different. I swore that I was feeling my body change, things that I had never experienced. Five days in, my boobs were extremely sore, which never happens, and I had a string of bad headaches. By day ten, I didn’t like the taste of coffee, which if you know me, must mean that I am dying. All these changes were telling me I was pregnant, but my heart was telling me not to get my hopes up.

Halloween 2019. It was day 14, and we got up bright and early to take the test. We took two separate tests, two different brands, hoping that one might give us a positive result by some chance. I peed on the stick, and we waited…

And waited…

And waited…

P R E G N A N T.

Clear as day. Eight letters and two lines that changed our lives forever. Laurens first reaction was “HOLY SHIT. I have to call Stew!” and immediately FaceTimed my sister. We screamed, hugged and cried happy tears that our second try worked and we were going to be mommies! 

I immediately called the doctor’s office and told her that we had a positive test, and scheduled the six week ultrasound and blood work to verify that it was in fact positive! I think a combination of things worked in our favor this cycle to get us a positive result. The myo inositol, the letrozole dosage and the extended time between the trigger shot and the IUI were, in my opinion, the different makers!

Now comes one of the hardest parts, keeping a secret!

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